RedisGreen Status

Production 99.999% 90 day uptime ? 16 minutes 90 day MTTR ?

Development 99.999% 90 day uptime ? 22 minutes 90 day MTTR ?

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Uptime History

> 99.999% January 2016
99.998% December 2015
> 99.999% November 2015
99.999% October 2015
99.999% September 2015
99.999% August 2015
> 99.999% July 2015
99.999% June 2015
> 99.999% May 2015
99.999% April 2015
99.999% March 2015
99.998% February 2015

How we calculate uptime

We use the same formula that Heroku uses to determine the uptime percentage:

TM - SUM( (DM1 * PCT1) .. (DMn * PCTn) )

TM = Total number of minutes in a given time period
DM = Total number of minutes of downtime within that time period
PCT = Percentage of affected Redis instances

What counts as downtime?

Any time in which a Redis instance is unreachable or refusing new connections due to system or network error is included in DM. Time in which a server appears to be unavailable due to bad usage patterns (e.g. long-running Lua scripts) is not included in DM. You can see these potential issues in the "Slow Queries" tab on your RedisGreen dashboard.

What's the difference between development and production?

"Development" covers RedisGreen's development-class servers: Mini Development and Development. "Production" covers all other RedisGreen servers: Starter and up.

What is MTTR?

MTTR stands for "Mean Time To Recovery", which is the average amount of time that it takes for a Redis server to come fully back online after it experiences an outage.

How we calculate MTTR

Downtime begins when our monitoring server detects that a Redis server is unreachable due to a hardware or networking failure. It ends when our monitoring service determines that the Redis server is up and reachable by the customer. The difference between these two times is considered the "time to recovery".